About South West Inner City Network

SWICN is a community development organization founded in August 1994, based in the south west inner city of Dublin, an area rich in cultural and historical significance. The south inner city is one of the oldest areas of Dublin. Today however, the area is subject to much physical neglect, large scale environmental decay, poor infrastructure, substandard housing and a lack of recreational facilities.

The south west inner city has a mixed community.The area has the highest amount of local authority flat complexes in the state. The area comprises of St. James Parish, the Liberties, Merchants Quay, Whitefriar Street, Donore Avenue Parish and Kilmainham.

SWICN was established in response to the need for an integrated approach to deal with the problems of the region. Apart from providing a range of  services, which are detailed on this website, SWICN creates a forum for raising issues affecting the local community. All development strategies undertaken by SWICN are informed by the philosophy of community development and participative democracy in the decision making process.

Our Objectives

To enable people in the south west inner city, and in particular those who are most disadvantaged, to have a choice in what happens to them and in the development of their area.

To create greater awareness of the issues affecting people’s lives and to promote appropriate action to deal with them.

SWICN aims to promote decision-making processes and participative structure in as much as possible in the delivery of the local development Programme objectives.

SWICN aims to incorporate models of best practice in all the programmes delivered to the local community.